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How to get your questions answered with no waiting in line, no waiting on hold, and no waiting for an email response!

If you have a question about your card or OneAccount, chances are you don't want to go to the campus office or call a customer service line to get your question answered. Now you don't have to. The answer is available to you online in an easy-to-use format through a system we call "EasyHelp."

You can use EasyHelp 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to have your question answered quickly. EasyHelp is an interactive FAQ system that enables you to easily find answers to any question you may have about your card, account, or financial aid refund. When you read an answer, you can rate it and give feedback on how it helped you. Over time, this means EasyHelp will become even more useful to you and your fellow students.

Why is EasyHelp better than calling?
Because all the answers are there!
The answers in EasyHelp are the same answers that Higher One Customer Care Agents have available to them to answer your questions. Also, when you search for an answer, EasyHelp will automatically suggest several possible answers so you can figure out the answer that is most relevant to your question.

EasyHelp Basics
It really is easy. EasyHelp answers are available by going to: DCCCDMoneyCard.com/easyhelp. If you need to ask a question or review your support history, you will first need to log in to your OneAccount, from the main menu bar select "Customer Service," then "EasyHelp."

Did you know? Answers to any question are available quickly 24 hours a day via EasyHelp www.DCCCDMoneyCard.com/easyhelp
  EasyHelp - Get Answers Now!